Because I’ve been there.

There is a prayer room.

At each of the Encouragement EXTREME weekends there is a prayer room set up and available to all the women in attendance.  Mary Kay prays over each name and places them on one of the Names of God, as the Spirit leads.  I have come to look forward to finding my name because it always seems so appropriately placed.

Earlier this month I joined the EXTREME Team for another event in Winston-Salem, NC.  When I arrived for sound check I wasted no time.  Before the candles were lit and the soft music plugged in, I searched for my name among all the others . . . El Shaddai – All Sufficient One. 

There it was.  I exclaimed, “I’m counting on it!”   Because I am . . . and I AM.

El Shaddai also means The God of the Mountains.  I especially like that because I need to know that the God I love not only makes mountains but He can also move them.  I need to know that He is as one definition states: sufficient – of competent power and ability; qualified; fit.  I need to know that my problems are not too big for God to handle.

What about you?  Are you faltering in the foothills?  Does the mountain in front of you seem, well, too mountainous?  Dear friend, I know a mountain maker.  And He is ready to move at the place where crisis and faith converge. 

Stand ready.  Stand amazed.  El Shaddai.

Because I’ve been there . . .


2 comments to Because I’ve been there.

  • Oh Cheri, I needed this today.

    Wish I’d known you were in Winston!


  • Mari

    Cheri, I’m there! that place…the foothills…the mountain…but OH the Maker! Needed this today after “legal” meetings today! Thank you for sharing your heart and for sharing where you found “your” name because so many of us need “our” name there too…El Shaddai…all sufficient one! The verse that most recently rocked my world…Luke 1:45 And blessed is she that believed: for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the Lord. Dare I believe? Dare I not?! Many blessings!


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