Turning Fifty

Stunned awake this morning by a dream that’s been hard to shake. I was swimming with my sister in our parent’s backyard pool, only our parents don’t actually have a pool in their backyard. Nonetheless, there we were enjoying ourselves and, apparently, completely unaware of the time. Once inside the house, like a punch in . . . → Read More: Turning Fifty

Happy Birthday, Dad! (no, not Phil Keaggy!)

My Dad, Mike Anderson, and the ‘ole squeeze box

When You Reach 76 (You Can Do what You Darn Well Please) Written by Cheri Keaggy

Here’s a poem about Dad With a smidgen of bad Because who gets it right all the time Minus crumbs from his toast He’s more loyal than most The . . . → Read More: Happy Birthday, Dad! (no, not Phil Keaggy!)