When Mom Becomes Grandma

When Mom Becomes Grandma…

She receives a card from daughter for her birthday that reads, “Happy Birthday, Grandma.” For a second she thinks it’s a mistake, because “I’m not your grandma.” And then she realizes. The gift is on layaway. Nine months. We celebrate with cookie cake.

She gets all choked up in the . . . → Read More: When Mom Becomes Grandma

The Secret to Spiritual WELLness

Up in the wee hours. Engaged in peaceful prayers and the sweet encouragement of a devotional I shared with Carpenter Husband before bedtime. Charles Spurgeon’s evening offering from one of his most popular works, Morning & Evening, lingers in my soul…

“Tell the righteous it will be well with them…” (Isaiah 3:10). Here’s just . . . → Read More: The Secret to Spiritual WELLness