Do they celebrate birthdays in Heaven?

Phew!  I just got back from a great weekend of ministry in upstate New York.  We had ourselves a good old-fashioned barn revival, complete with wood chips on the floor and ducks flappin’ their wings outside. I stayed over for Sunday service back at Living Faith Bible in Sauquoit and they surprised me with a birthday cake after worship. Some of the sweetest folks ever. Even sweeter than the chocolate cake.

Catching up on Facebook, I saw that today would have been the birthday of my friends’ son who passed away just a few months ago. It got me day dreaming about birthdays in Heaven. I posted the following thoughts in a special Group Page created for friends and family to leave comments and memories of this fine, young man. Since my birthday is this week also, I’m inspired to share it here.

I wonder if they celebrate birthdays in Heaven? This being Ty’s first birthday in his new Royal Residence, I wonder does he start over like he’s born again, again? And do they bring out a big ‘ole cake that puts even the most elaborate cakes on Cake Boss to shame and does it only have one candle on it? Or maybe they use Eternity Candles that never blow out, no matter how hard you try. I guess maybe there’s no need for candles because Jesus is The Light of ALL lights and He brightens up the whole place, no problem. And I wonder if the guests bring presents . . . or maybe God’s Actual Presence IS the Gift . . . and you get to unwrap Him and enjoy Him everyday forever and ever . . . and there’s no end to the fun . . . and it never gets old. And I wonder if they play games like pin-the-tail-on-The-Donkey, only you don’t have to wear a blindfold because on Earth you only see in part but now you see in full, and that with complete clarity. And what about party favors? I can’t imagine what the party favors must be like, and do they call them goodie bags or Goodness bags? . . . all I know is if Jesus is the Party Planner, His Favor is sure to be a hit with everyone in attendance. And I bet Ty gets the ‘You Are Special’ plate today . . . only instead of ceramic it’s made of solid gold and it doubles as a frisbee. Yep, I bet Ty and Jesus will be playing frisbee. And when they sing Happy Birthday and they get to that part at the end singing “how old are you now?” . . . what’s the answer? Maybe they change it to “how new are you now?” And does the Birthday Boy have to write thank you notes to all the guests afterwards? Or does everybody just gather around the Throne and deliver their thanks in person, no stamp required. . . I can only imagine. Happy Birthday, Ty. Hope it’s another great day!

Feel free to leave your day dreamin’ about Heaven comments below. It’s fun to imagine, isn’t it?  I wonder if us girls get new party dresses . . . and what size will our heavenly bodies be? The perfect size, no doubt.

Just wondering,

“Now it is God who has made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” 
2 Corinthians 5:5

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