My water bottle prayer…

Greetings, friends!

At last, the new album, NO LONGER MY OWN, is officially in manufacturing!!!

An interesting thing happened the other day. I was driving around town listening to final mixes of the new album. And, of course, when one has completed something one has worked very hard toward (in my case, the new CD), one must listen loud!

While driving, I had my right hand on the steering wheel and in my left hand was a bottle of water (one must also stay hydrated). I could feel the water in my hand vibrating to the beat of the music. I’m no physicist, but it seems the sound waves coming out of my speakers were powerful enough to affect the water in my hand. Think Jurassic Park.                          20150508_164007In that moment, I said a prayer asking God to cause this new album to effect change in a similar way to all who hear it…that lives would be moved, altered, and impacted for the Kingdom.

I googled the definition of a sound wave…the pattern of disturbance caused by the movement of energy traveling through a medium (such as air, water, or any other liquid or solid matter) as it propagates away from the source of the sound. The source is some object that causes a vibration, such as a person’s vocal chords. The vibration “disturbs” (quotations mine) the particles in the surrounding medium; those particles disturb those next to them, and so on. The pattern of the “disturbance” creates outward movement in a wave pattern, like waves of seawater on the ocean…

May it be true of this music, Lord Jesus. That its vibration would affect one person, and then another, and then another, and so on. Let it propel each toward outward movement. To “propagate” make something, such as an idea or belief known to many people. To foster growing knowledge of, familiarity with, or acceptance of our Jesus. To cause to spread out and affect a greater number…

All that from a bottle of water.

God be praised.

It’s coming.


7 comments to My water bottle prayer…

  • Wade

    Chain reaction!
    Let us pray about it.


  • arleen

    Oh WOW !!!…I love that,really,really love that symbolism….I have to share that with all my peeps….Getting even more ready to be caught up in the waves….


  • Lea

    Okay….very excited for its release! The teasing is torture, I must admit. Can’t wait to order up my copy! I hope and pray your new music has a powerful impact on the darkness in this world! I hope for complete success which Hywould include awards!


  • I have been blessed most of my Christian walk by your music. While living in Columbus and then Peoria. Have chosen to stay in my marriage of 42 years, not expecting this to happen to a Bible teacher. I’m needy again. I need to surrender and walk in the grace and forgiveness given to me. This old dog (62) is learning anew that I just can’t do it. I’m cut off from everyone, but Jesus. Learning to trust in a relationship where trust is gone. But I trust in Jesus! Change does not come easily, but that’s how God changes us into His image. More, more like Jesus. My question everyday is, ” Will my actions and thoughts honor The Lord?” If I’m alone and stigmatized, Jesus understands and holds my hand. I’m trusting for healing and beauty from ashes. Thanks for going ahead so that you can comfort as you’ve been comforted.


  • Donna Bannister

    I was just thinking about this new CD the other day, wondering if it had come out yet!! I can’t wait to hear it. I’ve no doubt that God will answer your prayer about the affect this music will have on those who hear…Why else would He give you such a perfect illustration while you were listening?! I plan to listen to my copy “loud” too! Love ya!


  • I don’t mean to brag…well ok, I do…but being Cheri’s radio promoter, I get to hear the project before it is released. Of course, I’m listening loud! And I have to say…those who are waiting for it’s release, you are in for a treat! This should spread like a tidal wave.


    Cheri Reply:

    Ah, such kind words, Jeff! Thank you in advance for leading the charge! To God be the glory, great things He hath done…Cheri


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