What Do You Get (For the Woman Who Has Everything?!) – A Poem for Mom

Greetings! Mother’s Day is here….I sent Mom something mermaidy to go with her collection of mermaids. I’m pretty sure she’ll love it. She loves beautiful things, makes beautiful things, collects beautiful things, and gives beautiful things to others. And as you can see by the pictures in this post, she, too, is absolutely beautiful.

Mom making Sarah's bridal bouquet.

Mom making Sarah’s bridal bouquet.

It was her birthday this past September and I called up my sister in California to have the “what should we get Mom” discussion. As I recall, the conversation went something like this…

Me: “Got any ideas for Mom’s birthday?”
Lisa: “Nope.”
Me: “Me neither.”
Lisa: “I know. What do you get for the woman who has everything?”

Striking out, I muttered, “Maybe I’ll write a poem or something.”

We hung up the phone and the next thing I know I’m cracking myself up putting this little piece together (you’d have to know Mom). I emailed it to my sister to print out, my niece added some whimsical illustrations and BAM! Birthday gift complete! Mom practically peed her pants laughing…

A gift for Mom's birthday, my niece added the clever illustrations.

A gift for Mom’s birthday, my niece added the whimsical illustrations.

What Do You Get
(For the Woman Who Has Everything?!)

A Poem for Mom
Written by Cheri Keaggy

What do you get
For the woman who sits
In a room full of wonderful things?

Her cupboards are full
Excess is the rule
Why have one when you need seventeen?!

There’s nothing she lacks
See those big, plastic sacks
Filled with dozens of specials galore?

Though not yet on Etsy

She sips Diet Pepsi
While stringing her beads from the store.

What do you give
To the woman who lives
In a house full of beautiful wares?

Each room is eclectic
Nearly purposely hectic
Thank God, she’s most willing to share!

Her closet is packed
Years of clothes on the racks
Gorgeous handbags, and bracelets, and shoes.

Come morning’s agenda
Her biggest dilemma
Is which of her outfits to choose.

If there’s something you need
There is no need to plead
She is ready to head out the door.

For shopping is grand
And she’s got a big plan
To be first on the showroom floor!

When out comes the purse
There’s no need to rehearse
For this sure ain’t her first rodeo.

Just give her a minute
She’s in it to win it
Ask how? Just trust me, she knows!

Me, Mom, and my blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister, Lisa.

Me, Mom, and my blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister, Lisa.


What do you send
To the woman who spends
Enough for ten neighborhood blocks?

You turn up your nose
And type up some prose
Saying, “Here, take these ten dollar socks!”     ~The End

If you look closely at the first picture, you’ll spot the multi-colored socks. My sister even added the $10 price tag. The perfect touch.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma. As I said in your card, I know I got a good one! And I’m so grateful.

Cher Bear

What if we did…less?

Howdy, friends…

Just a few thoughts to share with you on this lovely Spring day. Many are crazy busy this time of year. School functions seem to accelerate. Tax season descends upon us. And the change of weather inspires a bevy of activity…we re-arrange closets, de-clutter cupboards, throw out old or unused items, and attempt to clean and organize the garage. All while continuing to manage our family responsibilities, work commitments, and church life. Day in and day out, we run ourselves ragged trying to keep our heads above water. We long for a simpler life with more time and space to enjoy the things and relationships we work so hard to maintain, but somehow we struggle to obtain it.

What if? What if in all this exertion, we decided to stop…to pause…to breathe?

“What if instead of doing more, we did less?”

This was the scandalous notion I submitted in a room full of corporate leaders recently at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. I had been asked to speak at the Prayer Breakfast for the propane industry’s largest gathering of its kind…the 2016 NPGA Southeastern Convention and International Propane EXPO. They wanted someone who could both deliver an inspirational message and sing a couple of songs as it was their first time to assemble in world famous Music City USA. Not wanting to disappoint, I chose to wear my snazziest jeans, cowboy boots, and something with fringe on it. The faux suede vest I bought from Stein Mart. Gotta represent. IMG_84671-1

As you can imagine, I was excited at the opportunity and approached it prayerfully. I know how these conventions go. I’ve attended the equivalent in my own industry. It’s all about networking, expansion, increased productivity, advanced technology, and spreading your message to the masses. Essentially…bigger, better, faster, more.

Ironically, I felt led to counter this emphasis by challenging them in the area of rest. And this only because I myself had to learn it the hard way (READ: My Burn-Out Blog). I suspected that many of them, particularly at the end of an uber-packed week, were likely running on fumes (don’t miss the industry humor). I shared from my own experience and read several scriptures to reinforce my point. We looked at what is perhaps one of the most ignored Commandments of all Ten. The Fourth. To remember the Sabbath day and keep it holy. To honor and observe what has been referred to as the capstone of creation, the Seventh day.

Word nerd that I am, I utilized my Webster’s dictionary app to discover several synonyms for “capstone” and rattled them off in list format: the crowning achievement, the climax, the pinnacle, the summit, the zenith, which is the strongest or most successful period of time. Then, I posed another question…

“What if the Sabbath day was as important, if not more important than all the other days preceding it?”

I quoted Priscilla Shirer who said, “Overwork is a form of unbelief.” I confessed how convicted I felt when I first heard that statement. Does my striving indicate an innate sense or underlying belief that I don’t really believe God is going to take care of me? Could I risk a weekly day of rest without fear of falling behind or appearing lazy or selfish?

Richard Swenson, in his book Margin/the Overload Syndrome, wrote, “God does not have to depend on human exhaustion to get His work done. God is not so desperate for resources to accomplish His purposes that we have to abandon the raising of our children in order to accommodate Him. God is not so despairing of where to turn next that He has to ask us to go without sleep five nights in a row. Chronic overloading is not a spiritual prerequisite for authentic Christianity. Quite the contrary, overloading is often what we do when we forget who God is.”

20160412_120654The day after the event, I decided to remember.

I lit a candle in my living room, pulled out my box of crayons, and set about to do some coloring. I’ll not likely win the award for Most Artistic or Best Color Choice, but I thoroughly enjoyed filling in this “HOPE” illlustration declaring what has become one of my favorite verses of late…”We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure…” (Hebrews 4:19).

Frivolous? Maybe. Necessary? Yes.

Fun? With no less than sixty-four fabulous colors to choose from? Absolutely!

In closing, I’ll leave you with two poignant questions presented by a Presbyterian pastor by the name of Jack Miller. I had listened to probably a dozen or more of his teachings and this always seemed to bring it right on home…

What have you ever stopped doing because you love Jesus?
What have you ever started doing because you love Jesus?


I invite you to watch, listen, and ponder…


Jesus said to His disciples in Mark 6:31, “Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Will you accept His invitation?

Grace and peace…