Rest easy. You’re a failure.

Happy January Greetings!

This constitutes the second blog in my new once-a-week blogging format.  A resolution is a resolution, and I intend to start off on the right foot.  So, here it goes . . .

Yesterday morning in church the worship leader welcomed us by asking for a show of hands . . . “How many of you made a new year’s resolution?”  Several hands went up, mine included.  No doubt, even those who didn’t raise their hands had at least given some thought to this annual tradition.  His follow-up question took me by surprise . . . “O.K., how many of you have already broken your new year’s resolution?”  

As everyone laughed, I turned to my friend and quipped, “Give me time.  Just give me time.”

We all want to do well.  We have every intention of following through, determined to lose weight, quit smoking, clean out the garage, or read the Bible daily.  But, life happens and sometimes, most of the time, somewhere along the way we end up dropping the ball.  We are, after all, human.

I admit that while I am very excited about my resolution to blog weekly, and I think it’s a reasonable goal, my excitement is mixed with a tinge of fear . . . fear I may not be able to make good on my commitment, fear I might dwindle off sometime mid-Spring when I get busy on the road, fear of failure.

But, what gives me courage to forge ahead and push through the fear is God’s love for me.  You see, I think He’s as pleased with my heart to discipline myself to blog more frequently as He is with the actual blog itself.  I think He smiles at His daugther who likes to play with words and share her humble ramblings in an effort to encourage others along the way.

Whatever you resolve to conquer this year, your health, your finances, your career or ministry goals, know that you will likely fail.  But, because of God and His crazy love for you, it won’t matter.  He’ll be there to pick you up, dust you off, and set you back on course.  And knowing Him, in my case, He’ll likely give me some great blog material I wouldn’t have had any other way.

So, rest easy, my friend, and get to work.  Perfect Love casts out fear!  And God has resolved to love you . . . without fail.

Stand strong,



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