I’m Glad I’m a Mom

Moms who have chosen to invest their time at home are often asked, “What do you do all day?”

Hearts at Home offers 50 answers to that very question through real–life stories by Cheri Keaggy, Liz Curtis Higgs, Jill Briscoe, Julie Barnhill, and 47 others. These stories showcase the triumphs and trials of everyday moms. Sometimes hysterical and sometimes heartwarming, these personal vignettes will connect the hearts of mothers and give them a sense of community with one another.

Day after day stay–at–home moms work to make their house a haven for those they love, and husbands and children may depend on mom more than they realize. These stories will encourage, inspire, and delight mothers as they see again in these pages the special importance of their role in their home.

Read Cheri’s pregnancy story in her own words along with several other inspirational stories from numerous authors.

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