Studio Update and Photo!


NEWS FLASH!!!  I just figured out how to post a picture on my blog! I’m SO proud of myself. Just had to share my tech joy. Also, I just posted the following update via the kickstarter site for NO LONGER MY OWN and realized by posting it again here I could get more bang for my buck. Smart girl, I am. And here we go…

Hello, Beloved Backers!

I just returned from a “working” cruise, leading worship and music on The Wit & Wisdom Tour with Dr. Kevin Leman, Dr. Luis Palau, and comedian Dennis Swanberg. It was a great week in the Eastern Caribbean with gorgeous weather, lots of laughs, and some really good teaching along the way. Not only that, my Mom and sister and I got to enjoy some rare girl time as they were able to join me from California.

Lest you think I’ve forgotten about the album at hand, rest assured I was able to get a good chunk recorded before I left and wanted to post an update to let you know how things are going in the studio. Pictured above is the group of very talented and fun fellas I have been blessed to work with. (L-R: Matt Pierson, Scott Dente, Ken Lewis, Billy Whittington, Blair Masters, and Dave Cleveland, and, of course, me). They call themselves the Nashville Session Collective. Me and the NSC have got some great sounding tracks headed your way! Some of these songs have a real intensity about them, not just lyrically, but vocally and instrumentally as well. I’m almost finished with lead vocals and then we’ll move on to background vocals. Overall, the aim is to capture the passion I feel in my heart toward God, His Truth, and His Kingdom, and I think that’s coming through loud and clear.

Next week, I’ve got a photo shoot scheduled to grab some new shots for the cover, packaging, and press. Thankfully, I’ll have help with hair and make-up (girl ain’t gettin’ any younger!). But, she is ever so grateful to still be singing for Jesus.

Well, that’s it for now. I am beside myself excited to share this new album with you, the project YOU have made possible by partnering with us in this Kingdom work. May God be glorified!

Lucky to be breathing His air…


P.S. And that’s how to quickly generate a blog post when life keeps ya hopping!


4 comments to Studio Update and Photo!

  • Kaiti Kelly

    Hey Cheri,
    Just a note to say hello and thank you for keeping me updated. If this album is as powerful as the last, than it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t win a AMA, Grammy, and/or a Dove award. I can hardly wait to get my paws on the new release!!
    Keep me posted ok?

    It often amazes me how much power there is in God’s gift of music. And how timeless just one song can be. But I’m willing to bet that you have a lonnnnnnggg list of favorite songs from various artists over the years? Lord only knows how many favorites I’ve had. And still have. Some dating back to the late 70’s and early 80’s. Like 2nd Chapter of Acts, Petra, Sweet Comfort Band, The Imperials, and Amy Grant. Later on I got turned on to guitarists Phil Keaggy and Darrell Mansfield. Oh what nostalgia! I’m starting to feel a bit aged. Keep me posted, gotta go, have a good weekend.????


  • Wade

    Best decision.Smart girl. 🙂


  • Mary

    Can’t wait!! Thanks for the update.
    We are ALL getting older – praise God or we would not still be here……..though Heaven is a wonderful hope!
    Love the Nashville Session Collective…….have many family members in the area and in the industry……so can identify with the whole process.
    Keep your eyes on Jesus thru this continuing process.


    Cheri Reply:

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mary. I am loving the creative process for sure.


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