The day a ukulele made me cry…

Happy October to ya!

As I type this, I am sitting on my back patio enjoying a cup of chai tea latte (why don’t I do this more often?!). The weather is positively perfect and I had an uber-productive day. So, I decided to bring the laptop to my office in the outdoors and do a little blogging.

I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Atlanta. My long time fashionista friend, Denise, came with. We stopped at ‘Sticky Fingers’ in Chattanooga on the drive down. And while in Atlanta, we did a little shopping. With her encouragement, I bought some burgundy pants at a store called Taza, where they reproduce the latest runway fashions for common folks like us. So, I’ll be stylin’ for Fall/Winter, at a fraction of the cost.

The main purpose of the trip, however, was to guest on two different TV shows: Atlanta Live and Babbie’s House. I love connecting with other women who love Jesus.

Pauline Key, Host of Atlanta Live!

Me w/ Pauline Key, Host of WATC TV-57’s Atlanta Live!

On both shows I sang the radio single, “Overcome” and took advantage of the studio’s grand piano for “You Go Before” and “No Longer My Own.”

We had to tape the interview segment twice on Babbie’s House because of a transition error. But, like a true professional, she went with the flow and put me right at ease. I knew a lot of women watch her show, so I read an excerpt from one of my journals to encourage our often overworked sisters on the importance of allowing God to refresh and renew us to do whatever He’s called us to do.

Me w/ Babbie Mason

Me w/ Babbie Mason, Host of Babbie’s House.

A yummy Mediterranean meal and two hot fudge sundaes at the McDonald’s drive-thru and we were on our way back to Nashville, chatting all the way.

I’m always grateful for the opportunity to share these songs of faith. And I plan to continue. After all, we were never meant to keep it to ourselves. Take, for example, a man named Kirk, who sent this message via Facebook just last week…

I was listening to your song “Whatever is True” on the way to work and I wanted to share that God has used it to allow me to share those words with two other believers this morning. One individual was a bit freaked out because he had literally just looked up Philippians 4:8 on his phone. Passing him in the hall, I said to him, “Hey, James, remember Philippians 4:8 today!” He stopped dead in his tracks and asked how I knew he had just looked it up (of course, I didn’t know he had). It just goes to show how God’s timing is perfect. I guess that’s because He is! Just thought I’d share how He used your music (your offering of praise) today – Have a great day!

And that brings me to one more picture and someone else’s music that had an impact on me…

Visit to learn more.

Visit to learn more.

That’s me and Uncle Phil with the beautiful ukulele he played on “Whatever is True (Phil. 4:8)”. I love putting Scripture to melody. For NO LONGER MY OWN, we had ten songs already recorded, but I felt there was something missing. While working on song sequence, I knew I needed a lighter more upbeat pocket on the album to give the listener a break from its weightier themes.

A few months prior, Uncle Phil and I had met at a local music store to get guitars for kickstarter backers. At a time when I felt somewhat overwhelmed by what I call “the administration of ministry”, he brought me back to the sheer joy of playing music when he pulled a uke right off the wall and spontaneously started jamming with a young guitarist in the store. It sounds silly, but I felt the tears well up in my eyes that day, because I needed a timely reminder that music is fun. Music is a gift. Yes, it’s how I earn a living and some aspects of the “job” can be difficult, but mostly it’s an absolute honor to sing these hope-filled songs and share these life-changing truths. He helped me get in touch with that again. I guess God’s timing is perfect.

Just wanted to share.

Grace and peace…


Visit to learn about Phil Keaggy’s ukulele.

3 comments to The day a ukulele made me cry…

  • Paula

    Thanks for sharing. I really like your heart for the Lord and people. I saw you in Houston about 20 years ago singing at a Church. You pointed me out in the front row and asked me to come up on stage and sing with you. So, with some nudging from my young daughters at the time, I did. We sang songs from your Child of The Father CD ( love that CD). It’s a nice memory that I’ve never forgotten. Thank you Your songs always touch me and encourage me to keep my eyes on Jesus. Blessings to you Cheri.

    Houston, Texas


    Cheri Reply:

    Awesome, Paula. Thanks for sharing. Still His child…Cheri


  • Paula

    P.S – I love your song – There Will Be One Day

    Houston, Texas


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