The sound could be heard far away.

At the dedication of the wall of Jerusalem, singers and musicians were brought together from surrounding regions to celebrate “because God had given them great joy.”  Nehemiah assigned two choirs to give thanks.  One was to proceed on the top of the wall to the right and one proceeded in the opposite direction. There were cymbals, harps, and lyres, and even priests with trumpets. The women and children also rejoiced.  It is said that the sound of rejoicing in Jerusalem could be heard far away.

If I could assign two choirs and a group of musicians and priests to assist me I would do it, because I have reason to celebrate. I have reason to give thanks. And with this blog, it is my distinct privilege to give it publically, to thank those who gave financially to bring my new album to fruition. . . so I can tell. You might call it my own Wall of Thanks. So, here it goes, in no particular order, Jehovah-Jireh at the top:

Jehovah-Jireh, William and Crista Albertson, Thomas Berry, Mike and Donna Anderson, David and Laura Mee, Brian Trigg, Diane Sigler, Dallas Paetzold, Nora Carney, Pam Prevost, John and Carla Lambert, Dell Elias, Jane Brewer, Sharon Menini, Edna Gjertson, Anne Adams, Sandy Boosel, Sarah Frazer, Keith of Taken620Ministries, Bruce Balbach, Joyce and Pat Ashley, Scott and Shari Faubion, MarLo Huffington, David Breen, Linda Underwood, Alan Paine, Bill Kim, George and Lisa Casario, Chris Hauser, Amber Womack, Larry and Gayle Freude, Jim and Nanci Zander, Dave Maurer, Phil and Joanie McLeod, Christy White, Karen Ehman, Mitch and Kala Ady, Sara and J.T. Olson, Kathleen Peters, Kendra Smiley, Kathy Miller, Richard and Suzanne Craig, Katie Phelan, Michael and Doreen Weil, Jeff Dailey, Dave Smith, Ty and Nancy Osman, Jai Ammons, Carter Trigg, Rick Giovanetto, Julieanne Bartlett, Sally King, Buzz and Jicki Carter, Ashley Goins, Jill Stuckwisch, Renee Affinati, Robin Affinati, Keith Fentress, Kristina Bennett, Collette Sawyer, Kathleen Reese, Kent and Joyce Johnson, Melanie Hurley, Bev Bosch, Missy Rolfe, Mike and Cheri Berry, David and Susan Tuttle, Paula Schmidt, Ryan Hubbard, Julie Reed, Donna Bannister, James Messick, Julie Gill, Kathy Petty, Debbie Downer, April Cox, Bonnie Durham, Jean Manhardt, Gayle Happell, Jonelle Gillette, Jennifer Robaczewski, Nancy Klopfenstein, Heather Conrad, Ondrea Buckley, Julianne Carr, Colleen Hoagland, Doris Dill, Janine Rosenhamer, Marya Elrod, Kim Brewer, Stan and Ginny Smith, Greg Johnson, Jessica Wheeler, Larry and Dee Carlson, Rich Renken, Shelley Michel, Corrine Davis, Eric Sturm, David and Becky Reed, Elizabeth South, Paul Martin, Cynthia Jimenez, Mark and Nancy Hall, Terrence Allen, Jeffrey Foley, Roy Bisese, Lisa Pearson, Caroline Thompson, Betty A Van Horn, Carrie Macias, Jill Hart, Rodney Duttweiler, Karen Daniel, Lori Boruff, Janis Dusenbery, Richard Turner, Melissa Mott, Erin Rodgers, Nancy Chandler, Lou and MaryAnn Carmellini, Sue Beal, April Southerland, Debbie Kay, Marla Graham, Christina DeLisle, Carrie McIntire, Laurea Diemer, Larry Smith, Christina Reese, Julianna Feher, Sheri Jones, Barbara Paine, Carey Rinke, Jane Pikarsky, Keith and Jan Kahn, John Hohe, Melanie Hall, Karen Nichols, Sandy Vowell, Margaret Hollingworth, Emily Ngui, Melanie Binswanger, Ken Loschiavo, Mary Jo Major, Bernice Clark, Connie Morkel, Danny Dardeau, Curt Hoagland, Karen Cater, Sylane Mack, Mark Lanier, Carol Davis, LeAnn Rice, Rene Evans, Jerene Olson, Makabu, Lenny LeBlanc, M Wolf, Loni Gordon, Brian Mason, Nancy Buck, Steve Carlson, Denise Palazzolo

To God be the glory!

With humble gratitude . . .


4 comments to The sound could be heard far away.

  • Bonnie Durham

    It was an honor to be part of such a wonderful project!! You are a blessing to those you come in contact with!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!!


  • John Hohe

    I particularly enjoyed having a small part in this. I don’t buy many CDs but I might buy more if my advance gift helps a music ministry create a product.

    So this Kickstarter might be a real good thing. I also like the fact that it counts “Yes!” votes with each vote a $1. No record producer telling the artist what he or she should sound like. If the concept has value and the artist’s music is appreciate the money will come.

    I am sure there might be some downsides to this but for now I am rejoicing at the positives! In this case, that we were able to help Cheri get some very authentic songs borne out of her personal experience and reflection on God’s Word.

    John Hohe
    Powell OH


  • Rebecca Rumbough

    Will you please come visit NC. I love Blue Ridge. Looking for you
    to be in NC again soon. I will get your album for a birthday.
    Bless you many times over.


  • Melanie Hurley

    How very lovely! I’m so glad that I could be a very small part of building the wall. I have already received so many blessings in return. Keep singing, dear sister!


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