What Do You Get (For the Woman Who Has Everything?!) – A Poem for Mom

Greetings! Mother’s Day is here….I sent Mom something mermaidy to go with her collection of mermaids. I’m pretty sure she’ll love it. She loves beautiful things, makes beautiful things, collects beautiful things, and gives beautiful things to others. And as you can see by the pictures in this post, she, too, is absolutely beautiful.

Mom making Sarah's bridal bouquet.

Mom making Sarah’s bridal bouquet.

It was her birthday this past September and I called up my sister in California to have the “what should we get Mom” discussion. As I recall, the conversation went something like this…

Me: “Got any ideas for Mom’s birthday?”
Lisa: “Nope.”
Me: “Me neither.”
Lisa: “I know. What do you get for the woman who has everything?”

Striking out, I muttered, “Maybe I’ll write a poem or something.”

We hung up the phone and the next thing I know I’m cracking myself up putting this little piece together (you’d have to know Mom). I emailed it to my sister to print out, my niece added some whimsical illustrations and BAM! Birthday gift complete! Mom practically peed her pants laughing…

A gift for Mom's birthday, my niece added the clever illustrations.

A gift for Mom’s birthday, my niece added the whimsical illustrations.

What Do You Get
(For the Woman Who Has Everything?!)

A Poem for Mom
Written by Cheri Keaggy

What do you get
For the woman who sits
In a room full of wonderful things?

Her cupboards are full
Excess is the rule
Why have one when you need seventeen?!

There’s nothing she lacks
See those big, plastic sacks
Filled with dozens of specials galore?

Though not yet on Etsy

She sips Diet Pepsi
While stringing her beads from the store.

What do you give
To the woman who lives
In a house full of beautiful wares?

Each room is eclectic
Nearly purposely hectic
Thank God, she’s most willing to share!

Her closet is packed
Years of clothes on the racks
Gorgeous handbags, and bracelets, and shoes.

Come morning’s agenda
Her biggest dilemma
Is which of her outfits to choose.

If there’s something you need
There is no need to plead
She is ready to head out the door.

For shopping is grand
And she’s got a big plan
To be first on the showroom floor!

When out comes the purse
There’s no need to rehearse
For this sure ain’t her first rodeo.

Just give her a minute
She’s in it to win it
Ask how? Just trust me, she knows!

Me, Mom, and my blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister, Lisa.

Me, Mom, and my blonde-haired, blue-eyed sister, Lisa.


What do you send
To the woman who spends
Enough for ten neighborhood blocks?

You turn up your nose
And type up some prose
Saying, “Here, take these ten dollar socks!”     ~The End

If you look closely at the first picture, you’ll spot the multi-colored socks. My sister even added the $10 price tag. The perfect touch.

Happy Mother’s Day, Ma. As I said in your card, I know I got a good one! And I’m so grateful.

Cher Bear

6 comments to What Do You Get (For the Woman Who Has Everything?!) – A Poem for Mom

  • William Bateman

    How sweet. My mother had a thing for porcelain…. lamps, turtles, boxes. She past into eternity last week and your little ditty brought a nice smile to my day anyway. 🙂


    Cheri Reply:

    So sorry for your loss, William. God be with you with extra comforts during this time.


  • What an INCREDIBLE poem Cheri and obviously a deeply meaningful gift to a great mom – a gift that would be nearly impossible to top! While most people don’t have the gift for writing you have, what an awesome idea for a mother’s day gift!!! I may try it! Do you offer any coaching?? 🙂


    Cheri Reply:

    Thanks, Randy. I certainly had fun writing it. And it was definitely well received. I say go for it!


  • Meredith Mason

    Oh, I had fun reading this! Awesome poem and great idea. Personal gifts are priceless. I agree that your mom is beautiful! She even looks like she has a great sense of humor. Have a great Mother’s Day and God bless you and your family abundantly.


    Cheri Reply:

    Thanks, Meredith!


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