What To Do When You’re in Limbo

Hello, friends…

No doubt any artist’s manager would advise against making the following post public…and I myself have hesitated. But, as one who has processed a lot of life with you, the readers, I am compelled to share this part of the journey…

I confess I am in a peculiar place. I’ll try my best to articulate without being dramatic.

In the moment, I don’t have real clarity about what my next steps are in ministry. It’s “March” already and I still don’t have my marching orders! Have you ever been there? Have you ever felt like you’re in limbo? My Dictionary app defines it as a state of uncertainty. Not to be confused with another kind of limbo…a dance or contest that involves bending over backwards and passing under a horizontal pole lowered slightly for each successive pass. I know, silly girl. Give me a Dictionary and I go a little nuts.

Back to processing though. I’ve got a good batch of new songs, but I’m not feeling ready for another album just yet. And, strangely, I don’t have much of a Spring calendar. I think, in part, because my focus has been elsewhere, getting married and establishing a new normal. Nor do I have a hit single which can generate demand for bookings, keeping me busy and focused. Still, I am grateful to the near 800 radio stations and outlets playing “Be My Sabbath” from No Longer My Own. That’s no small thing in today’s ever changing Christian music industry.

At Family Life’s Weekend to Remember marriage conference – Nashville, March 2017.

But, can I just say I’ve been delighting in my husband? That’s the bearded fellow to the left. He super loves me, has mad skills, works hard every day, and wants to be a good provider. That’s not to say I don’t want to continue in the work God has called me to…sharing God’s message of Hope and Healing through song, speech, and the written word. I just wonder if maybe God is allowing me to take my man pants off, so to speak, to enjoy being cared for and enjoy feeling like a woman for a minute, ya know?

I’ve said many times what a Good Husband Jesus has been. That hasn’t changed. But, being single does have its challenges. Sometimes you feel like everything depends on you. As a believer, you know it doesn’t, but it can feel that way. And it’s been awfully nice to be a team together with Steven whom I have affectionately named Carpenter Husband. Not only have I resurrected my old overalls to help him on a kitchen job, but I’ve learned what a crescent wrench is and the importance of having magnetized drill bits handy. All of that while remaining delicate and lovely, of course. As lovely as one can be in pigtails and overalls. Notice there’s no photo!

Nonetheless, sorting through books the other day I found an old bio from my teen years. Perhaps a first attempt at a mission statement. Back in high school, before I had recorded my first album, I had written several piano instrumentals. Little known fact, I even unofficially “opened” for Uncle Phil a time or two. You can hear a hint of one of those early musical offerings called “Overture to Freedom”, which became the prelude to “Freedom Calling” from 1997’s release, What Matters Most. Though the photo is difficult to decipher, basically, I state my purpose as a young pianist…to share inspiring music with others, to let my light so shine before men, that they’ll praise my Father in heaven, etc. It blessed me to find this. Especially during this time of introspection.

I’ve heard it said, if you’re not sure of God’s marching orders…

Keep doing what He told you before, until He tells you something different.

Makes sense. And I’ve encouraged others with this very sentiment.

So, while I’m in this not-sure-what-I’m-supposed-to-be-doing space, maybe I’ll finish that song I was working on about pruning. Or reach out to a few churches who have hosted me in the past and see if they’re ready to have me back. Maybe I’ll read and journal and read some more. And maybe I’ll pray. Or, rather, keep praying and waiting on the Lord. How I do so want to be a good steward of my gifts while marching forward for Him. With all the certainty He can spare.

In the meantime, in this limbo place, I will trust He’s still holding me. Though He now shares holding duties with Carpenter Husband. And maybe I’ll just enjoy that for a minute and try not to be anxious about tomorrow. And be thankful. Ever so thankful for today.

Kickstarter promo for No Longer My Own (2015).

What’s next for Cheri Keaggy? What comes after album No. 9? I have no earthly idea. And in my most faith-filled days I’m O.K. with that.

As long as Heaven knows.

Thanks again for letting me share so honestly. I truly appreciate your faithful friendship through the years. And welcome any insight or encouragement you may have.

Here’s to processing out loud (for better or for worse!)…


I say to myself, “The Lord is my portion; therefore I will wait for Him.” The Lord is good to those whose hope is in Him, to the one who seeks Him; it is good to wait quietly for the salvation of the Lord. (Lamentations 3:24-26)


14 comments to What To Do When You’re in Limbo

  • Continue to trust in the Lord to lead as you know and allow your husband to take care of you that makes him feel he is doing what our GOD has called him,to do,and enjoy some rest. As a musician that is the hardest to do (the rest between notes) you know just pray and enjoy


    Cheri Reply:

    Good word. Thanks, Kenny.


  • William Cody Bateman

    After reading your post, I stopped what I was doing at the time and became still. While pondering your situation, I began thinking back to all the men and women whom went before us. Each and every one of them went through times of “idleness and searching”. Someone great mathematician once figured out that, despite all the tremendous miracles Moses was a part of in bringing glory to God – all those manifestations represented but two weeks out of his whole life. What did he do the rest of the time? The same thing you and me are doing right now: listening, reflecting, applying and growing in grace. Perhaps that is all you are supposed to do until the next time God swings open the door of opportunity. Simply worship Jesus with your love for him, husband and the church. Just saying…


    Cheri Reply:

    Thank you so much, William, for your encouraging message. I was scanning through song titles the other day, and realizing how many songs I’ve written and recorded over the years, and the impact of the music because of what the Holy Spirit does with it. And I thought even if I never wrote another song ever again in my life, by God’s good grace, I will have made a difference in the world. I will say I love listening, reflecting, applying and growing in grace as you mentioned. So, I will continue in Christ, trusting Him to ready me for my next assignment. Grace and peace…Cheri


  • Chris Wallace

    Hmm..”resting with the Carpenter who cares for me more than the house He built me” Sounds like a song…or possibly “marching orders”? 🙂


    Cheri Reply:

    LOL. Thanks, Chris!


  • Dr. Jim Crowder


    I do so understand where you are. There were times I wondered where I was going and why I wasn’t already there. God has plans for you and your ministry. Take some time and enjoy the blessings God has given you in your marriage and new life. Some times growth comes slowly and steadily, and, as we mathematicians would say, sometimes it comes in “step functions.” It is during those times God prepares you for the major jump he has planned. There are times I think that my creative days are over and that it’s time to coast… but… God was just preparing me for a major discovery or new theory discovery and I see more clearly His work in my life and what he allows me to discover always makes me more amazed at the universe he created and allows us to be part of.

    You are a dear child of the “Maker of the Universe” (one my favorite songs your uncle Phil wrote and recorded). I will share a psalm I wrote (ok God wrote it through me) – that I reflect on when I wonder about such things.

    Psalm of Adoration (2014 – Dr. Jim Crowder)

    We exalt You, God of creation;
    Your power and Your glory,
    Demonstrated in every sunrise,
    Evident to even the sparrow.

    We bow before You, Christ Jesus;
    Your majesty equal to none,
    Throughout Your universe,
    Which You spoke into being.

    We humbly open our hearts, Holy Spirit;
    For without Your counsel,
    Working through our being,
    We would be barren souls.

    We praise You and love You, Lord God;
    For You are the God of mercy,
    The Savior of your people,
    And Spirit of Truth,
    And we are nothing without you.

    Your Friend,


    Cheri Reply:

    Wow. Thanks, Jim. Just read your poem out loud. Thank you for sharing your poem and your experience. Praying, waiting, and trusting that the Maker of the Universe can handle little ‘ole me. I really appreciate your encouragement. Continued blessings…Cheri


  • Hey Sis,

    It has been a long time.

    Been following you and praying for you for a while. Here is what I have learned through my own journey. Those moments when I felt the most alone, confused, and disturbed, were the very moments God shaped my pinpoint Faith filled focus. When The Lord is getting ready to do a brand new thing in our life, He often has to purge the old stuff. Not just the things we know, but also, the things we have forgotten about, or that have been hidden so deep that we don’t even remember they are there.

    LOVE what God has done in your life and what He is getting ready to do. I remember the first time we recorded together, so many years ago, in Costa Mesa… You were then, and continue to be, a true Christian Artist, with a real, and authentic, message for those God has privileged you to serve.
    I will continue to keep you in prayer. One thing to remember, for all of us… DON’T work in the time of rest. God has your tomorrows already planned.. All the stuff leading up to it is just to get you ready to be able to get to the place called “There”

    Can’t wait to see all God will do with your transparent and willing life.
    You are loved,

    Rick Evans



    Cheri Reply:

    Rick…Thank you so much for your thoughtful words. I read them twice. Such needed encouragement. Thank you. And thank you for the prayers! That means the world. Blessings, Cheri


  • Paul

    Cheri, Sometimes God leaves us in the waiting room for a season so we might wait on His direction. Wait on the Lord and He will renew new you. I think your song “Speak” has application for you now. Enjoy being Stevens’ helpmate and rest in that he is being your head covering. I had to laugh when talked about using tools. My wife and I completely redid our kitchen once. it was a great learning experience in working together. God bless


    Cheri Reply:

    Thanks, Paul. Yep. Time for some serious listening! In the meantime, I am enjoying the wife thing and believing God will ready me for my next assignment, whatever that may be. Thanks again for taking the time to encourage me. Love to you and your bride. Blessings, Cheri


  • Beth Gorden

    Congratulations on your marriage. Take the time to chill with Carpenter Husband. The Lord will lead you. Blessings to you both. My hubby and I have enjoyed you music for years and I performed many of your songs for special music at church in the past. The songs still touch me greatly.


    Cheri Reply:

    Ah, thanks, Beth! I appreciate your words. Grace and peace to you and your hubby. Cheri


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