Why I want to see ‘Heaven is For Real’…

What a mix of emotions today:  joy and gratitude, pain and sadness.

This morning’s Facebook status explains my joy and gratitude…

“(I) just paid the very last parent payment for my daughter’s college education! Phew! It feels kinda like I’m graduating, too. Thank You, Lord, for seeing us through these past four years. You have been so good to us!!!! We did it! You did it! THANK YOU!!!!!”

The number of likes and comments indicates many of my readers have either been there or are there right now and doing the happy dance right along with me. It’s good to be able to celebrate life’s joys and accomplishments and give God the glory for His good provision. I can’t wait to see her in her cap and gown. Makes a mommy proud.

And now the pain and sadness…

Soon after my elated post above, I learned some hard news. One of my son’s friends from youth group was found dead this morning. Back in the day, they were in a worship band together, my son on keyboards and this young man on drums. I don’t know a lot of the details. I only know that this dear boy is gone much sooner than expected and those who loved him are hurting and left to begin to deal with the loss and sadness death often ushers in.

Honestly, I had a lot to do today. Things piling up that needed tending to. But, I put some of that aside for just awhile to feel. To curl up in bed with my beloved shihtzu and cry and pray and phone a friend. And after a time, I felt ready to write. Sometimes when the weight of things bears heavy, I don’t know what else to do. So, I go to the piano. Maybe it’s an attempt to transfer some of that emotion onto ivory keys and try to make some sense of it all. My baby grand, like an old friend, simply sits with me in whatever I’m feeling and lets me unload some of it, so we can “carry” it together. Somehow it serves to lessen the sting…

We don’t know why
We don’t know when
It always seems to come too soon
And so we cry
And hang our heads
We don’t like death, but we make room

We make promises to never waste another day, another minute

And to hold the ones we love a little closer
We make promises to never hold a grudge against another
To uncover what is wrong and make it right
We make promises

That’s all we’ve got so far. The blogging helps as well. In times like these, we remember the Great Hope. We stop in our whirlwind activity and allow ourselves to rest awhile in the Everlasting Arms. We let Him hold us, the ones He loves, a little closer.

Though not usually wanted or welcome, the passing of a loved one affords us another chance to surrender everything, to confess our smallness, and to pledge our remaining days to the One Who knows their number.

I read ‘A Prayer’ by 18th-century British evangelist, John Wesley, just this week. I shared it from the platform at the Celebrate Life concert this past weekend in Texas. It seems appropriate to share here as well…

I am no longer my own but yours.
Put me to what You will.
Put me to doing. Put me to suffering.
Let me be employed for You,
Or laid aside for You.
Exalted for You,
Or brought low for You.
Let me be full, let me be empty.
Let me have all things,
Let me have nothing.
I freely and wholeheartedly yield
All things to your pleasure and disposal.
And now glorious and blessed God,
Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
You are mine and I am yours. So be it.
And this covenant now made on earth,
Let it be satisfied in Heaven.

As my son said of his friend, he will be playing drums in heaven now. I smile at the thought. You know you’ve hit it big when Heaven becomes your permanent gig. I don’t suppose they have a VIP section though, because it’s implied that every one who goes there already is.

All this has me thinking about seeing the movie ‘Heaven is For Real’ tonight…

Because I’m counting on it,

“Brothers and sisters, we do not want you to be uninformed about those who sleep in death, so that you do not grieve like the rest of mankind, who have no hope. We believe that Jesus died and rose again and so we believe that God will bring with Jesus those who have fallen asleep in Him…” 1 Thessalonians 4:11




7 comments to Why I want to see ‘Heaven is For Real’…

  • arleen

    keep writing Cheri…it is important


  • Oh, Cheri. I’m so sorry about the loss of your son’s friend. Lord, Jesus, please comfort that hurting family.

    “You know you’ve hit it big when Heaven becomes your permanent gig.” LOVE that. Love you, too, Cheri.

    Please call me any time you want to talk and pray. I’m here for you, friend!


    Cheri Reply:

    Thanks, Cheryl. I sure appreciate you…and your prayers for the family. Continued blessings on your family and ministry. Cheri


  • Kaiti Kelly

    In reference to the movie comments on Heaven Is For Real. Yeah me too. I’m a walking timebomb.the problem with living life with potentially life threatening and OR life ending health conditions is that having once been so engaged in one-on-one homeless and coffeehouse ministry to everybody, is that I’m still going through the withdrawal of not sharing Jesus, with those He called me minister to. I have no way of being able to predict from one month to the next as to how to plan my life, because of the constant rotation of internal infection that can attack my body on a whim. Three weeks ago after having felt stronger and more energy than usual. (I have these micro sized emissions). Than just as I was at the kitchen sink about to do the dinner clean up, I began feeling flush in my face. For me that’s a sure sign that fever is on the up surge. Within 30 minutes my temperature shot up to 103.2 and lo and behold I’m back to my bedridden state all over again. I laid there with a cold washcloth on my head, thinking well what is it this time? Kidneys? Pancreatitis? Bone marrow infection? Lymph nodes? Is it bacterial OR viral? I’ve been on Heaven’s doorstep three times over the past 9+years. My doctors tell me my immune system has nothing left to fight with.
    So yeah, if my Lord is going to call me home, then I still would like to know that my reservation still stands, and that when He does come that He ease my mind of the anxiety of the physical separation from my body. I believe that all genuine born again Christians, innately know that heaven is for real. But my experiences as a Hospice nurse gave me the conviction that many are very nervous in their last 3-6 weeks alive. Most are concerned for those of their friends and family who haven’t yet made the decision to surrender their heart and soul to Jesus. Others who maybe didn’t live a committed faith walk, and now they’re worried that God will somehow change His mind, and scratch their name out of the Book of Life. I tend to envy the those like the little boy in the movie, as His day of crossing over quick, and he was quickly met by angels, his predeceased sister, and great great grandfather. I look forward to the reunion with my grandparents, a nephew who was miscarried, my twin brother who died in a car wreck and I have the hope that my estranged father made a death bed conversion before dying from a massive heart attack. Many Christians talk about rewards in heaven, and I suppose that has its place, but my idea of heaven is an eternal place completely devoid of any evil, temptations to evil, a place so full of love that racism,bigotry, wars and violence, disease, famines, and all other by products of this fallen world is not even as much as a memory. Time is very short, we believers must do all we can to reach as many people for Jesus as we possibly can. We must also strengthen each other. Music is an awesome instrument of sharing the message. Even evangelistic tracts left in various places OR even mailed anonymously to strangers via the local phone book. Who knows how many people just one tract can reach? I’ve been doing it for years. I look forward to the possibilities of having reunions with total strangers in heaven, someday. I long for the day when every nation, kindred, tribe, and tongue will all in one voice of praise and worship the Lord of Lords and the king of kings. That’s my vision of heaven. And worship teams will give concerts before the Father. And Cheri you’ll be sharing that stage playing your grand piano, with hundreds of God’s musically gifted.


    Cheri Reply:

    I smile at the thought. And you, we, will be completely healed. Yes, by God’s grace and the work of the Holy Spirit, let’s take as many with us as we can! Glory be. Thanks for sharing, Kaiti. Peace be with you.


  • Denzel

    I feel your desire to see the movie, but are visits to heaven for real? Is it biblical? I’m sure the movie is very alluring and seductive in nature to the wonder of what could be, but my understanding and knowledge of heaven comes from the Bible.

    I became a Christian because someone explained the Gospel to me which is found in the Bible. I then became a fan of Christian music years ago which lead me to this site. I remembered an old song from Cheri called “Lay It Down.” I was feeling low today and that song came up in my thoughts. I haven’t heard it in nearly 11 years. Actually the lyrics “‘Cause there’s a source of help In every need..” starting playing in my memory and I went online searching for it and I found her site.

    Cheri, I love your song “Lay It Down”. However, I just wanted to express my concerns about Heaven Is For Real. There are many stories like HIFR around and some even with some accurate details, but when we start to marvel at exra biblical revelation, that can lead to utter deception. Please pray and consider researching this. Don’t believe me. Do the research and know that 2 Timothy 3:16 speaks to the fact that His word is sufficient. God bless you!



    Cheri Reply:

    Thank you for your thoughts, Denzel. I am in total agreement to test everything against scripture. I hear your caution and appreciate your comments from a brother to a sister. Though my blog title might suggest otherwise, my intention was not to endorse the movie one way or the other, but rather to express our need as believers to take comfort in the Hope of Heaven, especially as we face trials and losses here on earth. We take it on faith in the inspired Word of God that heaven is for real. Nothing more needed. Having said that, I can’t help but acknowledge that God is God and Sovereign above all, so I also have to wonder if we should humbly defer to Him to reveal Himself to any one, at any time, in any way he sees fit. Such a marvelous mystery! Peace be with you, friend. So glad “Lay It down” ministered to you this many years later. I hope you’ll have the chance to hear some of my new music, God bringing beauty from ashes in my life. In light of our conversation, you might especially enjoy “There Will Be One Day”… Thanks again for taking the time to write. Blessings, Cheri


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