No Longer My Own (music)

When divorce isn’t your story…

Hello, friends…I was just in Pennsylvania outside of Pittsburgh to film The Living Room Concert Series with the good folks at Cornerstone TV. Aside from the nerves that sometimes accompany lights and cameras, I thoroughly enjoyed the intimate set they created with candles, a cozy rug, and a small but warm studio audience. I admit I got a little choked up singing “Be My Sabbath”, proof there is still a part of me in need of rest. I met others for whom that song resonated. And so I’ll keep on singing.

A quick snapshot after filming The Living Room Concert Series at Cornerstone TV in Wall, PA

At Cornerstone TV Network

I was blessed also to minister at New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington, PA, a return visit from their Mother’s Day luncheon back in 2011. I came home with a bunch of goodies from the trip…two Pittsburgh Pirates cups from my driver with the station along with two pamphlets on tongues and the Holy Spirit (we got into a conversation about the “gifts” and he prayed for me to receive my prayer language; I’ll let you know when/if it happens). I received hand made Citrus Delight soap and Lavender Dream lotion, some pretty note cards and paper clips (thanks, Sandy!), handwritten notes from my hosts, the gum and wintergreen mints, the homemade cherry hazelnut oat bars (thanks Mary!), the Real Life coffee mug, an inspirational tissue box cover, and a Clark bar.

Goodies from my brothers and sisters in Pennsylvania.

Goodies from my friends in Pennsylvania.

Silly to post it here, I know. But, I thought it a fun sampling from my dear brothers and sisters in Christ. What a joy it is to share in fellowship, to pray for one another, and unite in purpose to see lives changed by the gospel. I may just have the best job in the world.

One thing was especially meaningful this trip. I got to thank the pastor who ministered to me back in 2011 when I was barely getting used to uttering, “I never thought divorce would be my story” from the platform. I had sung my set that Sunday morning and as I turned to head back to my seat in the front row, the pastor stopped me half way up the steps. There he gently grabbed my arm and said something my tender heart would never forget…

He said, “Divorce isn’t your story. It’s just a chapter in a glorious life.”

I’ve shared his comforting words many times since then and was grateful for the opportunity to be able to tell Pastor John, in person, how much it meant to me. Singing my new song, “You Go Before”, on the platform this past Sunday was poignant indeed. Because He did. And He still does.

You have the answer before the question
You know the ending before it’s begun
You set the rain and the clouds in motion
Knowing full well You would bring back the sun
Ready and waiting with kind provision
Like a lighthouse that shines through the storm
A vision of land for the homesick sailor
You go before

It rained while I was in Pennsylvania this weekend, but it was all sunshine in my heart. Thank you, PA friends. Keep doing what you do. You never know who might need your kindness.











Concerned about what’s happening in our world?


Concerned about what’s happening in our world?

Me, too.

The first radio single from the new album released earlier this week. You can actually get it now as the “instant gratification” song during itunes’ pre-sale and receive the rest of the songs on August 7th, the “official” release date (and, of course, you can always order the hard CD through the web store, I’ll even sign it). But, back to my story…

One afternoon I had carved out some time for songwriting, only I didn’t know yet what I would write about. I had been burdened by the constant barrage of evil in the world, the reports of believers being persecuted and beheaded, and the increase in moral decay in our nation. That’s where my head space was. As I stared out at my backyard, I remember asking God what He would have me write that day. Then I went straight to the piano and wrote “Overcome.” It’s a message I need to hear. It’s a message I believe He wants us all to hear, especially as the Day is fast approaching.

What would you have me to write?
What would you have me to tell the world?
What could I possibly say?
How could I possibly change the way things are?
With so many hurting
Ominous evil and darkness is lurking
Where is the good in the world anymore, Lord?

Tell them I AM here. I am watching it all.
Please don’t fear. Don’t you know I have overcome?

Lord, I confess I’m afraid
Too scared to stand up against the tide
Better to just play it safe
Though it’s getting harder to look away
When love looks like justice and mercy
To love without limit ’cause no one can hurt me
Father, forgive them for they don’t know what they are doing

Tell them I AM here. I am watching it all.
Please don’t fear. Don’t you know I have overcome?
Tell them I AM here. I am lifting you up.
The end is near. Don’t you know I have overcome?
Haven’t I already overcome?

I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace…
I have told you these things so that in Me you may have peace…


I AM here. I AM with you. I’m coming back for you. It won’t be long.

Ever so thankful for John 16:33. He thought of everything.

Practicing peace…